Removal of Hair - An Age-Old Problem

Getting rid of unwanted body hair is not new. Only the technology has changed to make the process less painful and the results longer-lasting. The has never been so convenient.

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Cultural norms have often encouraged women to have smooth skin. This usually involved shaving, plucking, epilating or depilating body hair. Today, it's not unusual for men to also sport the smooth, hairless look. The hair removal techniques that women have been using for ages, work just as well for men.

For women, the most noticeable areas are the , , legs and . On men, this includes , and . Getting rid of body hair can be done for aesthetic reasons, hygiene purposes and to improve self-confidence.

There are two ways to remove hair - at the surface or with the entire root.



Removal of Hair at the Surface

The quickest way to have smooth skin is to eliminate the hair at or just below the skin. This is only temporary and repeated treatments have to be done frequently, sometimes even daily.

Though these methods may be quick and inexpensive, they can lead to razor burn (from shaving), rashes (from ), allergic reactions (from ) and ingrown hairs.

Removal of Hair under the Surface

Removing the hair and the root from the hair follicle offers smoother skin (no stubble) that lasts longer. These methods are more expensive and often more painful as the hair root is yanked out. As the hair grows back, it's usually thinner and less dense.

is the one of the most popular ways to remove the entire hair shaft, due to ease-of-use and the wide availability of in-home waxing kits. But using a is becoming more popular. Many people choose to go to a professional to get laser hair removal done, whether it's a dermatology clinic or a beauty salon, but there are also laser hair removal devices that you can use at home. With laser hair removal, the hair follicle is 'zapped' and stops producing a replacement hair shaft, typically for at least a few months. In some cases, the hair loss is permanent.

There's never been a greater selection of hair removal methods from which people can choose. With a number of products available, the best way to find an effective system is to talk to your doctor and to start trialing each one. Depending on your budget, time and threshold of pain, the removal of hair is becoming more convenient and less painful.

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