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Male Facial Hair Removal - Why, When & How To Do It Correctly

Remember when shaving meant that you were finally a man? And now it's just another daily chore, something that shouldn't be missed, something that can't be rushed. You may have been shaving for years & years, but there's more to than just a shaving cream and a razor.

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Some common mistakes men make when shaving include:

  • Applying too much pressure so the blade scraps the skin. This leads to dry & flaking patches.

  • Going too quickly which can lead to knicks and cuts.

  • Using a dull blade over and over again, so the hair is pulled, not cut. This leads to swollen follicles.

  • Dry shaving (not using any shaving cream or gel) which can lead to ingrown hairs.

Why Men Want To Removal Facial Hair

It's not so much as we want to shave every day, it's that most of time, we HAVE to shave. Our workplace requires us to look well-groomed. WE like to be well-groomed. Our spouses insist upon it. They are the recipient of our kisses. They are the ones who insist that our sharp whiskers scrap and poke their delicate skin. So we oblige.

For some guys, it's easier to sport a smooth look instead of sporting a well-kept moustache or beard. A lot of guys can't grow a full beard, only a goatee or a flavor-saver under the lower lip. The prevents the patchy look and leaves a uniform smooth look.

Special Areas

Every man has areas of skin on his face that may be more sensitive or prone to chafing. has be done carefully because this skin has a higher blood supply & if cut, will bleed profusely.

You'll learn quickly where other is on your face, like on the chin or on your cheeks. It's different for all men.

Every guy has different skin type and knowing where your sensitive skin is on your face is important to avoid razor burn and injury.

To avoid abrasion, go slowly and use a generous amount of shaving cream or gel. Rinse thoroughly and splash your face with cold water to close the pores.

The jaw line is another area that needs to be carefully tended to. Because it's a narrow line, the entire pressure on the blades can be applied to this small ridge which can easily be grazed or scraped.

If you think you have it bad, women have it harder when it comes to . Most women don't like the stubbly-bristly look on their faces, so they have to remove the hair by the root!

Best Methods To Use

We all make shaving mistakes, especially when we've slept in and are going to be late for work! Here's how to do it right.

  • Only shave after or in the shower so the warm water can soften the hairs. This will reduce the amount of hair that gets pulled by the blade. If you can't take a shower first, use shaving cream allow it to relax the hair for a few minutes.

  • Avoid any shaving cream or after-shave lotion that has alcohol or anti-bacterial lotion. This can dehydrate & irritate the skin with razor burn.

  • Use a multi-blade razor to ensure an easier cut. Those single blade razors pull the hair first before cutting and can cause swollen follicles and increase the risk of infection.

  • Using an electric shaver is painful for the first few times until the skin gets used to the pulling action of the vibrating foil. Don't press hard with these units or the skin can get chafed.

Male facial hair removal is a daily chore or ritual for many men. Take good care of your skin and be careful scraping a sharp metal blade against this sensitive skin.





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