Female Facial Hair Removal - What are your Options?

Most women have facial hair. It's typically a layer of fine, peach-fuzz that may be noticeable on the upper lip and less noticeable elsewhere. With so many hair removal techniques, how do you choose the best method for your skin type? The only way to find the most effective technique is to set a budget and then try them out.

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Hair Removal Options


Women, put down that razor!

Shaving cuts the hair strands at the surface of the skin and creates sharp, which makes the hair appear thicker. Using a razor is okay on other parts of the body but not the face since the hair facial hair follicles are closer together and can result in a pronounced 'five o'clock' shadow. Leave .

Hair Removal Creams

use strong chemicals to break down the proteins in the hair. It does a slightly better job than shaving by not leaving a sharp tip on the stubble. Since hair is only removed at the surface of the skin, the procedure needs to be repeated every few of days.

There are specially-formulated creams available for the face and have lower concentration of chemicals and less smell. Try out a new on a small skin patch to make sure you won't get a chemical burn or an allergic reaction.

Hair removal creams aren't suitable for eyebrows that you want to shape.



Waxing Facial Hair

is a very popular method and the results can last between 4-6 weeks. The entire hair and root is ripped out of the hair follicle. Kits are available for home use and are very effective at removing the hair above the upper lip. Assistance may be required around the eyebrow to get the perfect shape. Be prepared though, waxing hurts.

Epilators for the Face

Most epilators, including the popular model from Braun, have attachments that can narrow the opening of the tweezers and allow for more accurate and gentle removal of facial hair. Reviews for these models suggest that having an adjustable speed work well on the of the face.

Epilating is effective but most people find it's a painful procedure. Consider using a that can be used in the shower or bath.

Laser Hair Treatment

has been around for over 20 years and units are now available for at-home use. laser is a rechargeable unit that can be safely be used on certain skin & hair types (light skin, dark hair).

The laser zaps the hair producing cells in the follicle. After a few treatments, the hairs fall out and take a couple of months to regrow. For a few lucky people, the silky smooth results may be permanent.

Since the laser light can be dangerous to eye tissue, it should only be used from the cheekbone down. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when using it for facial treatments.

The skin on the face can be very sensitive and you have to be careful with hair removal methods.


is a tried-and-true method that has been around for a long time. This method involves having a technician insert a tiny probe into each hair follicle which then gets zapped by a tiny electric current.

The pain is negligible and in most cases, is permanent. Because it's labor and time-intensive, it's more expensive than other methods.

Female facial hair removal should be done carefully, taking the time to select the technique that works best for you and your skin type. It may take more than one try to find the method that's most effective for you.





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