Is Electrolysis for Hair Removal for You?

is not a new procedure and has been in used for decades. Similar to laser hair treatments, electrolysis is a method that has the potential to permanently get rid of unwanted hair.

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The process involves deadening the hair follicle, the cells that produce the shaft of hair. A small probe is slid down the hair, into the hair root and a direct current is applied to 'zap' these cells.

How many Electrolysis Treatments do I need?

Your hair is not all same length and thickness. In fact, there are three distinct stages to hair growth and electrolysis can only be done when the mature hair has fully emerged from the skin surface.

A number of electrolysis treatments are necessary since each individual hair follicle can only be zapped when it contains a mature strand. Since hair grows at a rate of 0.5 inches a month, multiple treatments need to catch each strand in its mature phase.

You don't have to wait for the unwanted hair to be long enough to combed. However, it has to have emerged from the hair follicle and exited the surface of the skin.



Is Electrolysis Painful?

Yes and no. A metal spine is inserted into the skin which can be detected by the skin's pain receptors. Since the hair follicles are in close proximity to one another, the entire area will be sore for a few hours or days after treatment.

Trained technicians know how to make the the least painful as possible, and the most effective. The direction of growth of the hair is folowed and the probe inserted next to the strand instead of piercing the surrounding skin to get into the hair root. It doesn't go deep enough to draw blood.

To help mitigate the pain, topical numbing creams can be applied to the skin, including the upper lip, eyebrows and bikini area. Modern equipment also applies the least amount of electrical current which can be felt as a slight tingling feeling.

The chest and back areas are too large to make electrolysis cost-effective. Patients should consider other methods, such as or , that can clear larger surface areas faster.

Can I Do It From Home?

There are home electrolysis devices which are very convenient, but users need a steady hand. Going too deep can lead to unnecessary pain and even scarring.

If you've never undergone electrolysis before, go to a qualified and trusted salon first to see if you can endure the procedure and to see if the results are satisfactory. Then determine if you can self-inflict the pain with a personal device at home.

Electrolysis for hair removal is a good system that allows precision and accuracy. It's a popular method to remove unwanted facial hair, especially around the eyebrows. Try it for yourself to see if the pain may be worth the long lasting effects.





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