Hair Epilation - Painful but Effective

Getting to the root of hair removal is the goal of hair epilation. By removing the entire shaft above and below the skin, smooth skin can typically last from 3 to 6 weeks. But these results do come at a price - pain.

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Epilation is similar to plucking, except that multiple hairs are removed at the same time. These devices are inexpensive, and, if you can endure the pain, are effective at removing unwanted hair.

An electric device with a rotating mesh grasps multiple hairs simultaneously and pulls them out by the root. Cordless units are the most convenient but are not as powerful (nor as painful!) as corded ones.

Types of Epilators

Braun hair epilators are some of the most popular on the market.

Regardless of the type of epilator used, the process of pulling out the unwanted hair by the root is painful for most people. There are three basic types of epilators - spring coil, rotating metal disk and tweezer type.

Spring coil units are not reliable as the coil can lose tension and eventually break. These types are no longer manufactured. Rotating metal disk units were the next to be produced which lead to the most common and least expensive units - tweezer type. Rotating metal plates come together grip, pull, extract and then dispose of the hair.

Problems with Epilation

  • Hair follicles may become red and inflamed and possibly infected. Make sure to sterilize the head with rubbing alcohol prior to use.

  • The first epilation session is the most painful when you're most hairy.

  • People with find epilation to be extremely painful. As it grows back, most people find the strands to be thinner & lighter.

  • If the hair is thin or brittle, it can break above the skin surface leaving a stubbly look behind. If the hair breaks below the skin surface, may result.

gets less painful after multiple treatments. If you can endure the first few torture sessions, this inexpensive and effective hair removal method may work for you.


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