Hair Removal Creams for Men and Women

Can you imagine getting rid of unwanted body hair but without the pain of waxing or the frequency of shaving? Using hair removal creams can spare you the torture of other hair removal methods and is a good alternative if your skin, and sense of smell, isn't too sensitive to the chemicals. have been on the market for decades and are used by both men and women.

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Different formulations are available that can be used on different types of hair and sensitivity of the skin. Stronger formulas can be used on the of the legs and underarms while more gentle versions can be use on the genital and butt regions. Most manufacturers recommend not using these creams on the face due to the sensitivity of the eyes.

Men find that using hair removal creams on the , results in longer lasting and smoother skin without the problems associated with daily shaving. These creams are less expensive than waxing and but the smooth skin doesn't last as long and the results are not permanent.

What Are Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams are widely available, and work by dissolving the keratin protein in the hair. After a few minutes, the unwanted hair is simply wiped away.

Keratin is the same organic protein that makes up fingernails, but it's not as dense in hair. Alkaline chemicals can attack this compound and weaken the protein structure so that the hair strand falls loose from its follicle.

The chemicals in these creams are not toxic but they can irritate , broken and damaged skin. Before selecting a product, it may be helpful to talk to your doctor for recommendations. Otherwise, follow the manufacturer's instruction and apply a small amount to an unnoticeable test area before smearing it on larger body parts.


The Benefits of Hair Removal Creams

  • As long as you're not sensitive or allergic to the chemicals, this method is easy to use, affordable and pain-free. It doesn't require help from others, making it a true personal grooming technique.

  • Smooth skin lasts longer than shaving and is not as painful as using .

  • Since the hair root is affected as well, the hair grows back softer and thinner than it does from shaving.

  • As you wipe off the cream and loose hair, dead skin cells are exfoliated as well leaving your smooth and soft skin.

The Not-so-Good News of Hair Removal Creams

  • The powerful smell can be overwhelming. Make sure to thoroughly shower to remove any excess cream.

  • The chemicals can irritate sensitive skin and may cause a red and itchy allergic reaction. They should not be used on open cuts and nicks. Side effects include burns, blisters, rashes and stinging sensations.

  • Depilator creams should not be used on the eyebrows as this can irritate the eyes.

  • Applying the creams can be messy.

  • The cream must be applied evenly or patchy areas will remain.

These depilators come in other liquid forms including gels, sprays and roll-ons. Some have added aloe to leave skin softer while others come with perfumes to mask the chemical smell.

Some of the most popular brands include Nair, Veet and Revitol. But besides reading reviews of these products, the best results can only be achieved by properly matching a chemical formation to your skin and hair type. If you're considering hair removal creams, talk to a dermatologist and then head to the local store and start sampling.

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