Types of Hair Removal Wax - What Works Best

Waxing is one of the least expensive, semi-permanent hair removal methods that gets rid of unwanted hair by the root. Any area of the body can be waxed, including the face, back, arms and bikini area, but people will find this to be one of the most painful hair removal methods. Using the right type of on the right body part will help make the process less painful but not painless.

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Strip Waxing Tips

Strip waxing uses a cloth or paper strip that is pressed into a thin layer of wax and quickly ripped off. The wax and unwanted hair are both lifted from the skin. Strip wax can be warm or cool.

  • Apply a generous layer of strip wax or it will not be lifted away with the strip.

  • Spread the wax in the opposite direction of the hair growth so that it sticks better to the hairs. It doesn't take long to stick before you can remove the hair.

  • Rip the cloth in the opposite direction of hair growth to reduce the chances of hair breakage under the skin. Broken strands can lead to ingrown hairs and pus filled sores.

Hard Waxing Tips

Hard wax is always applied warm in a thick layer. No cloth or paper strips are used. As the wax cools & hardens, the edge is lifted and then yanked away from the skin, removing hairs and dead skin cells.

  • Wait long enough for the thick layer of wax to cool and adhere to the hair.

  • Try to remove the wax in large strips rather than small patches to shorten the process.

  • Remove the wax opposite to the direction of hair growth to prevent the hair from breaking.

  • This type of wax can not be washed off easily so make sure you have lots of uninterrupted time so you don't have to stop mid-way.

Using the right type of wax will reduce the pain associated with waxing.

Be cautious when using hot wax:

  • Prevent injury to the skin. Before applying, check that the temperature is not too hot. Reduce the temperature for thin, sensitive areas since burns can happen more readily on facial skin and also in the bikini area.

  • Do not wax eyelashes & eyelids as the small blood vessels can easily be injured as the skin is pulled. Also, be careful not to burn this thin skin, even with moderately warm wax.

  • Do not apply wax to the bum-crack. Waxing is not a good anal hair removal method since the skin can be easily torn and is then prone to infection.

  • Waxing is convenient and can be done at home since waxing kits are inexpensive and widely available. However, be attentive when warming wax on the stove as it can easily generate a lot of smoke.

Hair removal wax is an effective way to get rid of unwanted hair for several weeks. Choose the right type of wax to make the treatment more effective and less painful.





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