At Home Hair Removal - What Are Your Options?

is a popular option for those who may feel intimidated by clinics and salons. An added bonus is the convenience of treating unwanted hair whenever time is available and in the privacy of your own home.

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There's no shortage of hair removal products and treatments that can be done at home. Instead of spending a small fortune, only to see ineffective results, check out the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Hair Removal Method Cost Pain Duration Possible Skin Injury Other
Shaving Minimal Minimal Quick Nicks & cuts Hard to reach some areas
PluckingMinimalSomewhatTediousSwollen follicles & infectionHard to reach some areas
EpilatingMinimalSomewhatTediousSwollen follicles & infectionHard to reach some areas
Hair Removal CreamsMinimalMinimalQuickIrritation & allergic reactionHarsh Chemicals
WaxingMinimalExtreme PainMediumSwollen follicles & tender skinHard to reach some areas
ElectrolysisHighExtreme PainTediousSwollen follicles & burnsHard to reach some areas
Laser Hair RemovalHighHighTediousStinging, blisters, burnsMost devices can't be used on the face

Getting rid of unwanted hair is very personal for both and . The most important things in finding an effective method that you can do on your own are:

  • The unwanted hair is removed for a long enough duration.
  • The method isn't too painful or damaging to the skin.
  • It isn't too offensive to your nose or hurtful to your eyes.
  • Requires minimal assistance from another person.



Before selecting a home hair removal method, make sure to talk to a doctor, dermatologist and an experienced clinician who can assess your hair and skin type and give professional advice. It's good to get an outside opinion to avoid unnecessary injury and expense.

Tips for Hair Removal at Home

  • Shaving - If your hair is too coarse, shaving is not for you.

  • Waxing - Body hair needs to be at least a quarter inch long for to be most effective... so if you're unwilling to let it grow that long, then waxing may not be the best option for you.

  • Plucking or tweezing - Can only be done on accessible body parts.

  • (wet or dry) - You need a high threshold for pain.

  • - If you have sensitive skin, you may need to find a soap that doesn't leave a residue which may react with skin that has been freshly treated with a hair removal cream.

  • Electrolysis - These expensive systems are easy to use but it's hard to self-inflict pain.

  • - and other laser hair removal devices are effective if your skin tone is within its working range.

is the best way to gain the freedom and convenience of ridding yourself of unwanted body and facial hair. Get some expert advice first then decide on a method that will hopefully be effective for you and will work within your budget.





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