Hair Removal for Chest - What are Your Options?

Remember the days when a hairy chest represented masculinity? Well, the days of buttoned down shirts and a full mat of chest hair are have changed to include just-as-masculine hairless chests, too. These days, the smooth look is popular! So what are the best ways for removal for chest hair?

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Shaving Chest Hair

It turns out that the cheapest and least painful way for is to use a simple razor and shaving cream. Unfortunately, the smooth look won't last long and shaving your chest could become a regular and time-consuming ritual.

In the shower, soften up the hair with shampoo, soap or shaving cream. Start moving the razor against the direction of hair growth to lift the strands and to get a closer shave. Because the hair density on the chest is much less than on your face, there's less of a chance for in-grown hairs. But make sure to clean the razor frequently as it will get clogged quickly.

If you haven't groomed in a while and your chest hair has grown long & , a manual razor won't give a close shave. Electric body groomers are a better bet since they've specifically been designed for this task.

First trim your coat with an electric clipper, the same ones you use on your head, with the shortest attachment possible. Then go over the area with a razor, trying to keep the blade flush against the curves and cleft of your pecs.


Waxing Chest Hair

If you want to prove your manliness, try a . Thick wax is spread on the chest and a durable cloth is pressed on top. It's then ripped off, taking the entire patch of hair with it, root and all.

This torture technique is very effective and smooth skin can last for up to 8 weeks. There are home waxing kits available, but since it's hard to inflict pain on oneself, you might find it's best to leave it up to the professionals at a spa or salon.

And you think chest hair removal hurts a lot, just wait for it to be ripped off your stomach!

Laser Hair Removal

One of the most effective and expensive methods to remove chest hair is with laser hair treatments. A special is used to deaden hair follicles, preventing or slowing them from producing future hair strands.

This treatment is mildly painful, comparable to a 'rubber band snapping on the skin' but the real pain may be the cost of the multiple treatments that are necessary. There are laser hair removal devices for home use but it can be more time-consuming, labor-intensive, and not as effective as getting it done by the professionals.

Since hair grows at different stages, you'll have to go for a number of treatments to catch those strands that are in their mature phase, after they've emerged from the surface of the skin.

For most guys, the cost may be justified since a smooth chest may last for months at a time and even become permanent.

Others Hair Removal Methods

  • - The chest is too large an area to have each hair follicle zapped individually.

  • - Sample a depilatory cream first to see if your skin is sensitive to these harsh chemicals. It's cheap but may lead to inflammation and a rash (lots of itching & scratching).

There are plenty of options for . The best way to find an effective method is to try all those within your budget and see how well they work for you.





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