Hair Removal for Very Sensitive Skin - The Good & Bad News

People with sensitive skin hard a harder time finding hair removal options. Sensitive skin easily reacts to the sun, chemicals and even water temperatures, which can result in rashes and aching irritation. When it comes to , painless options are hard to find.

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Hair Removal Creams Should be Avoided

use extremely fast-acting chemicals to dissolve the proteins in the hair. The acidic substance can cause chemical burns and rashes which can linger for as long as the skin pores are clogged with the lotion.

Some depilatory creams contain aloe vera and other moistures for more sensitive skin. People should sample even creams formulated for sensitive skin on a small part of their body and only use it on larger areas if there is no adverse reaction.

These creams should not be used regularly, otherwise sensitive skin may become more susceptible after every application.

Waxing & Epilation

and both involve yanking out multiple hairs out by the root. If you have sensitive skin, don't even consider these methods! Pain receptors will fire all at once as the patch of unwanted hair is yanked out from their follicles. The pain may linger for as long the skin is inflamed.


The pain receptors will trigger every time a thin needle is inserted into the hair follicle. However, since only one follicle is zapped at a time, the pain from may be tolerable when compared with waxing.



Laser Hair Treatment

Laser hair treatment is an option that will involve some discomfort during the procedure but without the lingering irritation afterwards.

The hair follicles are 'zapped' by the laser light and the pain receptors in the skin will detect the heat sensation. When done at a clinic, a topical anesthetic might be used to dull the pain. Laser hair removal can also be done at home but the results may not be as good as the one from a clinic.

Once the cells in the hair follicle are deadened, the pain will soon subside. And there's no pain as the hair drops out a few days later.

The can be adjusted in intensity to lessen the pain (but this increase the exposure). Working with an experienced clinician, both of you will be able to determine the best combination of pain versus effective treatment.

Note that laser hair removal will not work well on , or .


Shaving is the easiest and cheapest method for the but it must be repeated often and this poses a problem for people with sensitive skin.

First, the blade can irritate the skin by scraping and causing abrasions that are prone to bacterial and fungal infections. Second, the multi-blade razors are designed to lift and cut the hair below the surface of the skin for which ingrown hairs can result.

Take your time when it comes to hair removal for very sensitive skin. Find a method or a combination of methods that's effective and least painful.





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