Back Hair Removal - Available Options

The appeal of smooth skin has changed how masculinity is defined. More men are performing regular to improve personal hygiene and to look and to feel better.

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Choosing the most suitable method depends upon:

  • Thickness and density of the hair - The more unwanted back hair you have, the more time-consuming and possibly painful it will be to remove.
  • Skin type - Sensitive skin may mean that the use of and sharp blades need to be avoided.
  • Rate of hair growth - The faster the hair grows, the more often you'll have to undergo hair removal treatment.
  • Tolerance for pain - Removing the hair below the surface of the skin is often painful! Waxing may be out of the question, even for the toughest of men.

Tips for Removing Back Hair

  • Choose one or more methods for which you can tolerate the mess and pain.

  • Removing the hair just at the skin surface will have to be performed frequently. This includes hair removal methods like shaving and hair removal creams.

  • Removing the entire root, though it can be painful, results in longer-lasting, smoother skin with fewer repeat treatments. This includes epilating and waxing.

  • Don't be embarrassed to seek professional assistance. is a growing industry and it's common for men to visit spas, salons and clinics.

  • Time your hair removal in advance of your beach or pool party. It may take a few days for the redness of skin to abate.

Shaving Back Hair

The skin on the back is more sensitive than other areas of the body - that's why back massages feel so good. Even though shaving the face is one of the most basic skills of male hygiene, using a razor on the back is almost impossible to master. However, there are specialty razors like the MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver that make it easier. Many other back shavers are also available.

The muscular ridges of the shoulders and the deep cleft down the center prevents the blade from moving over a smooth, level skin surface. It's easy to cut and nick yourself when doing it at home by yourself. Luckily, there are products like the baKblades Big Mouth Do-It-Yourself Back Hair Shaver so that your friends won't have to (force themselves to) cross that line and help you.

Epilating the Back Hair

, or pulling the hair out by the root, will leave skin smoother for longer. But it's going to be painful.

Epilators from Braun (and other manufacturers) remove multiple hairs at the same time. The cost of these devices is reasonable but you'll need some assistance from someone to get to the hard to reach spots.

Getting Rid of Back Hair with Laser Hair Removal

is perhaps the most expensive hair removal method and even more so for guys with darker complexions. The results are long-lasting, for up to 1 year. For some lucky guys, the may even be permanent.

This method works best on light skin and thick, dark hair. It can take up to a few months to finish the complete course of treatments. After each visit, more and more hair follicles will be burned by the laser light and hair production will stop or be severely reduced. Only periodic treatments will be required to maintain it.

The pain has been compared to 'snapping a rubber band' on the skin. The good news is that as more hair is removed, the less pain is experienced. If you can tolerate the pain in the first round, the subsequent ones should be less painful.

There are laser hair removal devices for at-home use, but obviously you'll need to ask someone to help you if it's your back hair that you're treating.

Laser treatment will not work on guys who hair is , , or who have . The laser light is reflected by these colors instead of being directed down into the hair root.

Special lasers will work on dark skin but this equipment is not readily available at all clinics and salons. If you do find one, the treatment may be even pricier than ones that have a conventional .

Depilatory Creams (Hair Removal Creams)

Nair (or other similar hair removal creams) is a popular method for bodybuilders and athletes as it only involves smearing on the chemical lotion, waiting for a few minutes and then showering off. It's by far the quickest and most thorough hair removal method.

However, hair removal creams only remove the hair at skin level so repeat treatments are frequent.

If you have sensitive skin, then the harsh chemicals can irritate the epidermis and can cause swelling and itching. Open sores from scratches and pimples on the back may allow the lotion below the skin where an allergic reaction may occur.

Tip - You may want to get someone to wipe away the cream and hair before showering, preventing most of the harsh chemicals from being washed into the and area.


Removing the unwanted hair by the root leaves smoother skin, but can be pure torture.

A salon technician applies warm wax to the back and then presses a cloth on top. In one swift motion, the hair is ripped out by the root. After the pain subsides, the skin is left tender and red.

Again, you can get hair removal waxes for home use, but you'd have to get someone you trust to help you. Imagine them removing the wax (and your back hair with it!)!

Helpful Tips:

  • Avoid showering or bathing before treatment. The skin pores may expand and loosen but the hair will absorb water making the wax less likely to stick.

  • Hair should be at least 1/8 inch long for the waxing to be effective, so you'll have to be stubbly until it grows to an appropriate length.

  • Skin should be in good condition otherwise scraps and pimples may be reopened (ripped open, to be precise!).

Choosing the most suitable method for back hair removal depends on your pain threshold, the amount of time you have and the size of you budget. And guys, don't be self-conscience in front of salon workers. They are professionals and have seen the hairiest of beasts before.





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