Epilation for Men - Are You Tough Enough?

So you think you're tough, huh? Are you tough enough to pull out unwanted body hair by the root, multiple strands at the same time? That's exactly what mechanical epilators do. And because these devices are relatively inexpensive, may be the right hair removal technique for you.

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An epilator is a small electric machine with either a rubber roller, a coiled spring or thin rotating discs which catches the hair and then pulls it out. Ouch! Braun has a number of models (Epil Silk is well-known and popular), as do other manufacturers. They all remove hair in the same way.

These devices power-tweeze more than one hair at a time and, if you can endure the pain, can be a fast way for . It can be used on a number of places on the body, including for (although you might need help to get to the hard-to-reach areas).


  • Smooth skin can last up to 4 weeks.

  • These units cost are relatively inexpensive. More expensive doesn't necessarily mean better. Choose a unit that does what you need it to do, and don't get into extra features you won't use.

  • For some men, hair removal may not be seen as masculine. These devices are easy to use at home and assistance isn't required for epilating the chest, arms, legs or groin.

  • The heads are easy to disinfect with rubbing alcohol.

  • Wet epilators can be fully submerged, making hair removal and clean up quick.



  • The pain!

  • Does not have enough accuracy for trimming eyebrows or hair lines on the face.

  • Epilation for men and women both have the same problem - they can cause dry, flaking skin.

  • Some hair may break instead of being yanked out. If this happens below the surface of the skin, ingrown hairs may result.

  • An epilator does not get 100% of the hair, especially short ones that are just emerging.

  • The mechanical head sometimes comes in contact with the skin, leaving welts and lanced pimples.

  • The unwanted hair needs to be of a certain length before being extracted. That means you'll have to be comfortable letting your hair grow for a while.

Epilation Options

Corded epilators have strong motors and variable speeds but can not be used under water. On the other hand, are battery driven, not as powerful but can be used in the bath which is a bit less painful on warm skin.

Look for a model with a built-in skin protector that presses the skin down and away from the grasping head. However, the lower the rotating disks are to the skin, the shorter the hair it can remove.

Some are 120/240 Volts compatible making it suitable for travel. Rechargeable ones may come with a low battery/full charge indicator.

is the exact same as for women except for the styling. If you find that your wife's device works for you, ignore the feminine color and purchase one for yourself and stop clogging hers up with your .





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