Wet Epilator - The Less Painful Way to Remove Unwanted Hair

The art of extracting the entire hair from the follicle can result in silky smooth skin, but the process of hair epilation can be tearful and painful. By using a in the shower or bath, the skin can be warmed and loosened and the pain reduced. A cordless epilator can be used under water allowing the warm water to soothe the hair removal process.

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How to Use a Wet Epilator

If you are used to , or are considering it, doing it in a warm bath or shower may help lessen the pain and reduce hair breakage.

Battery powered epilators from Braun and other manufactures are convenient to use, especially in the tight confines of a shower stall or bath tub. These cost slightly more than dry-only devices but have the added convenience of being used in and out of the water.


Wet Epilating Tips

  • Warm water softens the hair, relaxes the skin and opens the pores. The hair root can be more easily extracted from the loosened hair follicle and with less pain. Before purchasing an epilator, make sure the device can fully be submerged.

  • For the best results in the bath, soak in warm water for at least five minutes. Keep the leg, arm or torso part fully submerged so that the hairs are lifted and separated and easier to extract. Removing unwanted hairs on the face while underwater may be a bit awkward for most people.

  • Avoid using any bath salts or perfumes which can cause swollen pores to become more irritated.

  • Epilating in the shower is not as messy as in the bath and clean up is easier. For best results in the shower, soften the hair and skin with warm water for at least five minutes. A gentle shower gel can help to lift the hair as you glide the over the unwanted hair.

  • Epilation works best when going against the direction of hair growth. Going slowly will make the pain last longer but will reduce the chance of hair breakage and .

  • After removing the unwanted hair, gently exfoliate the skin with a loofah or bath sponge to remove excess skin to prevent ingrown hairs. Apply a hypoallergenic, non-clogging lotion to the skin to help sooth the tender pores.

  • Do not use on recently epilated skin. The open pores may react negatively to the harsh chemicals.

  • Because epilators pluck the entire hair by the root, make sure to do it a day or two before the big event so the red inflammation has time to heal.

  • Do not epilate unwanted hair after . This may damage recently treated hair follicles which could lead to infection and scarring.

  • Wash and dry your wet epilator to keep it functioning at its best for years to come. Clean the head with rubbing alcohol after each use to help reduce infection.





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