Waterproof Epilator - Hair Removal in the Shower

Hair epilation isn't for everyone. People use these hair removal devices because they're fast and inexpensive and the results last a longer time than other methods. For those who can endure the pain, a may be the right choice.

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What Is An Epilator?

have been around for a few decades but they still work the same way. Rotating disks or teeth grasp multiple hairs at once and pull them out from the hair follicle. The pain is the worst for the first few attempts but with time, the hair follicles become weakened and release the hair more easily.

There are two types of Epilators - the first is a dry, corded unit that offers greater power and longer running time. These units cost typically the more affordable of the two options and come with attachments that conform to the various body parts, like the arms, legs and even face.

are smaller, cordless and less powerful (which may be a good thing) but the best feature is that they can be used in the bath or shower. Soaking in warm water before epilating opens the pores, making the unwanted hair easier to grasp, offering less resistance and reducing the pain.

Many combination wet/dry epilators are also available.


Tips on Using a Wet Epilator

  • The ideal length of the unwanted hair should be 1/4 inch. Any shorter, then the rotating teeth will not have enough hair to grab which can lead to breakage and . Any longer than 1/4 inch, the pain may be excruciating. Hair can be trimmed down to 1/4 inch.

  • Epilating should be done a few days prior to wanting smooth silky skin since some pores may become inflamed and swollen.

  • A unit that has an integrated LED light will help to highlight any hairs that may have been missed.

  • Even a waterproof epilator should not be submerged in water for long periods of time. To prevent the build-up of bacteria, safely store it in a clean, dry area when not in use.

  • Use rubbing alcohol to sanitize the unit according to the manufacturer's guidelines. This helps to reduce the chances of infection in some of the freshly opened pores.

  • Epilators can be used by both men and women. Even though the units are available in different colors, sizes, and with various features, they operate in the same way.

TIP: Using a wet epilator in the bath or shower will help reduce the pain as the hairs are ripped out of their follicle.


The three most popular brands of epilators are made by Braun, Panasonic, and Emjoi. All are rated good-quality and the differences have to do with size. Select a module that fits comfortable in your hand and doesn't have too much vibration. No matter the model, epilating is going to hurt.

If you can withstand the pain, a waterproof epilator may be the most effective and inexpensive hair removal method for some people.





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