Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream - Depilatories Just Got Easier

Hair removal creams have been around for decades. They are easy to use, pain free and very effective. And now is one product that makes the hair removal process even easier.

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Ease Of Use

Veet makes a number of but this latest one comes in an aerosol spray-on form that makes application very simple and fast, with less mess. As long as you have accurate aim, spraying it on is much easier than smearing it from a tube.

It was designed for all hair types and you just spray it on the unwanted hair, leave it for 3-6 minutes and wipe it off with the provided plastic spatula. Skin is left silky & smooth for 3-7 days.

It's easy to use on the large body parts like the legs, arms and bikini area but you won't have too much accuracy with the spray. It's not recommended to apply it on your face or you may lose an eyebrow or cause an injury to your eyes.

Since hair removal creams only remove the hair at the surface of the skin, treatments have to be repeated frequently to maintain the smooth look. These spray-on creams are more convenient for these frequent treatments.

Chemical Caution for Sensitive Skin

  • Formulations are available for different skin types. The sensitive version is for and requires the cream to remain on the skin for a longer amount of time since the concentration is lower. Regular strength is for skin that is good condition, that's not dry or cracked.

  • Since many people have skin changes with the seasons (for example, dry in the winter, oily in the summer), make sure not to leave the chemical on for too long. Check frequently to see if the hair has been dissolved and remove the rest of the cream as soon as possible to avoid irritation or even a chemical burn.

  • Like all hair removal creams, the active chemical ingredients do smell. Some reviews have claimed the odor to be weird and even sickly sweet. No matter what type of brand or product version of depilatory cream you use, it's likely to have an unpleasant odor.

  • Be Careful Not to Slip!

    The instructions say to Veet Spray-On Hair Removal Cream in the bath or shower so that overspray can be easily cleaned up. However, the tub will become very slippery, making it quite dangerous. It's recommended to use an anti-slip bath mat to avoid injuring yourself.

    Veet Spray-On Hair Removal Cream works like any other cream, but the advantage is that the application of the cream is a whole lot easier and faster. If you prefer the ease of depilatories, then you'll enjoy the added convenience of this product.





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