Epilating - Bikini Line Clean Up

There are plenty of reasons to get rid of excess hair near the bikini area. Athletes need to prevent chafing, people who sweat a lot may want to guard against excessive odor and other people just like to have a clean smooth look. line is easy to do, but take precautions to prevent problems.

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The Truth About Epilating the Bikini Line

It's going to hurt! Epilators are electric devices with rotating disks or tweezers that pull out multiple hairs by the root. The effect doesn't last as long as treatments but epilators are inexpensive and convenient to use at home. And since they tend to be used frequently, the sensitive skin in the bikini area, inner thigh and butt can get irritated.

Problems With Bikini Hair Removal

Besides the immediate pain, epilators are notorious for creating ingrown hairs. If the rotating disks or tweezers get damaged, they won't grasp the hairs completely and can cause the hair to break below the surface of the skin.

Instead of the hair growing straight out, it can curve and puncture the surrounding tissue which can result in an embarrassing puss-fill rash.

Methods to Improve Epilating the Bikini Area

Some epilators have adjustable speed control for use on more delicate parts of the body. For most people, no matter the speed of the rotating head, they should avoid . The skin on male & female genitals is too sensitive and thin can be torn and damaged.

And under no circumstance should they be used near the anus. can be done in other ways that don't leave pores open and exposed to infection.

can be used on the inner thigh and lower abdomen. If you're brave enough to try epilating your bikini area, follow these suggestions in addition to the common-sense .


  • Trim long hair first with clippers to prevent the strands from clogging the rotating tweezers. The remaining stubble should be at most 1/4" long so the mechanical teeth can grasp the hairs properly.

  • If you move the epilator slowly, the pain will be more intense. If you move it quickly over the skin, it will require more attempts over the same area. No matter what, get over the mental hurdle of inflicting self-induced pain.

  • The muscles in this bikini area can not keep the skin taut. With one hand holding the epilator, use the other to keep the skin as flat as possible so it doesn't get pinched & damaged by the rotating teeth.

  • Avoid using a in the tub or shower since you need to see what you're doing down there.

  • One advantage of epilating is that sharp stubble is avoided and the re-growing hair is softer and not bristly. Make sure to use hair conditioner to keep the emerging hairs are soft & healthy.

  • After treatment, the skin will be tender and the hair follicles may be swollen. Try a soothing aloe vera lotion to cool the pores. Avoid using rubbing alcohol or after-shave unless you're a glutton for pain.

Epilators usually becomes more tolerable the more you use it but because of the sensitive skin in the genital area, epilating the bikini line is going to hurt no matter what.





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