Hair Removal for Genital Area - How to Do It Right

The '70s look is not in style any more. Long gone are the bushy tufts sprouting from swim-trunks and bikini bottoms. In fact, today it's becoming more popular to go completely bare down there. If you're considering taking it all off, then requires some preparation and practice.

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Clear Cutting for Guys - Genital Shaving for Men

  1. If you just returned from the wilderness looking like Grizzly Adams, first trim the hair with clippers to 1/4" so the razor will not get clogged.

  2. Do NOT use clippers on the as this skin is very thin and can easily be snagged and cut by the vibrating blade. You've been warned!

  3. Hop in the shower and use conditioner to soften the hair. Shaving cream is not necessary since the hair will already be soft. Besides, thick cream prevents you from clearly seeing the terrain. Use conditioner or soap to reduce friction.

  4. Use a razor to shave the genitals and lower abdomen. One with 3 or 4 blades and a pivoting head does the best job. Go slow and shave in small patches. The razor will clog frequently so keep it clean by tapping it against the shower stall or bath tub.

  5. Carefully shave the by pulling the skin taut and slowly running the blade over the shaft.

  6. Shaving in the direction of growth will prevent ingrown hairs and reduces the chance of infection.

  7. Avoid running the razor over the same area multiple times as this skin is tender and sensitive.

  8. Rinse off the area, pat dry and apply a moisturizing lotion to cool the freshly exposed skin.

Genital Shaving For Women

Shaving the pubic regions requires patience and care because of the sensitive skin. The is easy to do but the process can't be rushed or painful nicks and cuts can happen.



  1. Trim the hair first with clippers and the shortest attachment. As an alternative, press a comb flat against the skin and trim the hair with scissors.

  2. Take a warm shower to soften the hair.

  3. Use a conditioner to reduce friction. Shaving cream works well but hides the terrain.

  4. Use a razor with multiple blades and a pivoting head to give a close shave. One with a soft handle grip will prevent any accidentals slips. There are razors for women which have a smaller handle.

  5. Move the razor in the direction of hair growth. Going in the opposite direction will lead to a close shave but increases the chances of ingrown hair.

  6. Clear the razor of hair after every stroke. A clogged razor will not shave properly. Avoid going over the same area too many times to avoid chafing.

  7. Use a small mirror to help see what you're doing down there.

  8. Rinse and dry the area afterwards and apply a moisturizing lotion to cool the skin.

Tips for Shaving the Genital Areas

  • Keep all creams and lotions outside of the body.

  • Woman should avoid shaving during their period, when the skin is more sensitive.

  • Shaving with an erection may be easier as the skin is stretched.

  • If you're sunbathing nude, don't forget that the light, exposed skin can easily get sunburned.

Other Methods for Removing Pubic Hair

Shaving only removes hair to the skin surface and sharp stubble will regrown. Consider (ouch) for longer-lasting hair removal or even laser treatment.

The laser is a bit discomforting, but not as much as , and the can be tweaked for more effective treatment.

Sensitive hair removal creams are available for the genital area but again, the hairs are only removed to the surface of the skin. Some of the chemicals in the will be absorbed though the thin, sensitive skin. Don't even think about using an epilator!

Hair removal for the genital area can't be rushed so find the right method that works for you and take your time.





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