Brazilian Hair Removal - What's New Down There?

is the style made famous by the country that bares it all. Using laser hair removal, this South American export is a style of permanent hair removal for the genital and perianal areas. A "full Brazilian" would leave no hair whatsoever, while a regular Brazilian leaves an artistic & personal patch in place. Before going bare down there, there are a few considerations to think about.

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What Exactly Is Brazilian Hair Removal?

Unlike a Brazilian wax or an epilator which is painful and non-permanent, the for the Brazilian leaves the skin smooth for longer periods and in some cases, has permanent results. Assuming you're not going completel bare, a small patch of pubic hair is left and can be trimmed into various shapes, depending on personal preference.

  • Full Brazilian - Removes all pubic hair from the genitals & perianal areas
  • Playboy - Leaves a small postal stamp patch
  • Landing Strip - A long narrow patch in the center
  • Mohawk - Similar to the landing strip but wider
  • Martini Glass - An inverted triangle
  • Heart - A heart shape symbol of love near your secret spot.

It's fun to be creative down there and knowing that you can remove the patch completely is as simple as going for another laser hair removal treatment.

Why Brazilan Hair Removal?

It's longer-lasting, and sometimes even gives permanent results. But removing most of the pubic hair can make women more susceptible to yeast infections since sweat & other body fluids will not be retained by the pubic hair.

However, the laser for hair removal does not leave bikini bumps or ingrown hairs which can make a person self-conscious. Sexual contact should be avoided immediately after treatment until the follicles have a chance to close and heal.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a full Brazilian hair removal be done on the labia and around the full vulva?
A. Yes. A reputable salon or dermatologist will apply the least amount of energy to affect only the hair and not the tender skin.

Q. If I change my mind later, can I remove or change the shape of the patch that's left?
A. Yes, you can but note that the changes will be only confined by the size of remaining patch. You can't make it bigger or outside the existing outline. The cost of the procedure is no more than regular laser hair removal.

Q. How will I get the exact look I want?
A. Ask the clinician or doctor if you can shave all the unwanted hair a few weeks before your first treatment. As the hair grows back, then can remove all the short 1/4 inch hairs and will leave behind the exact pattern you trimmed. All of this should be done by the professional and not at home with or other hair removal laser.

Q. How many treatments does it take?
A. Depending on skin & hair type, it can take as few as two treatments or as many as six (typical results - your mileage may vary). Ask your clinicians before starting Brazilian Hair Removal treatments.

Q. How do I maintain the smoothness in between treatments?
A. You can wax or shave. If shaving, you might want to use a good shaving cream to help the razor glide more smoothly and minimize any bumps.

For men & women who are not self-conscious about displaying art down there, may be a fun option for you. And if you change your mind, you can always go for the Full Brazilian!





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