The Braun Epil Silk Epilator

An epilator is a device that pulls out multiple hairs at the same time. The results are long lasting since the entire hair strand and root are removed. Yes, it is painful and some brave souls who enjoy using the Epil Silk Epilator from Braun swear that its Comfort System makes hair removal more tolerable.

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This is one of the bestselling epilators on the market and is suited for both men & women, even though Braun's marketing is aimed at females. The main selling feature is the high-frequency massaging rollers that stimulate the skin so that when the hairs get yanked out, the pain is lessened - so they claim.

Hair epilation is painful, especially for beginners. Some people claim to be numb from the pain after a few times but others with sensitive skin may find it unbearable. Check out the epilating tips to help newbies to the process.

There a number of different Epil Silk models on the market. Some are wet epilators that can be submerged in the tub, one even has a unique combination with a follow-up razor to get the stubborn hairs missed by the tweezers.

With so many options, it can get a bit confusing selecting a model for you. Choosing a unit really depends on your hair type, skin sensitivity, amount of available time to epilate and your pain threshold. Review the following pros & cons to help make your decision easier.

Costs vary by model & features.



Pros & Cons of Epil-Silk Epilators

  • Con - Hair epilation hurts!

  • Pro - The Dual Epilator has rotating tweezers to get the majority of the unwanted hair and a razor to shave off the stubborn ones that were previously missed.

  • Pro - Some units can be used in or out of the bath. Warm water will help lift the hair off the skin & open the pores, making the job go faster.

  • Con - The cordless units may not retain their charge long enough to complete the hair epilation session.

  • Pro or maybe a Con - The larger units have more compact tweezers allowing for more hairs to be removed at once (ouch!). The Epil Silk 3 has half as many tweezers which may reduce the pain but increase the time to clear unwanted hair from the larger body parts like the arms & legs.

  • Pro - A pivoting head helps keep the tweezers at the optimal angle on different body parts.

  • Pro - A bright LED illuminates the hairs so you can see which areas need to be repeated.

  • Pro - Attachments include a shaver head and a trimmer cap to allow the unit to be used as a full-fledge razor.

  • Pro - A facial cap is also available that reduces the size of the opening to give more accurate epilation to facial hair.

  • Pro - Vibrating massage rollers may help reduce the pain, or at least distract from it.

  • Con - Since epilating can grab so many hairs, if you go too fast some of the hairs may break under the skin, leading to .

The Epil Silk epilator from Braun is a convenient and inexpensive device that people can use at home, as long as you can endure the pain.





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