Hair Removal for Eyebrows - Taming the Beasts

There's no doubt that we get hairier as we age. And one place that this is so evident is with the eyebrows. From the uni-brow to , it seems that time makes this hair thicker, denser and unfortunately wilder. needs to be done with care since the facial skin is very sensitive. Whether you're getting ready for a big date or prepping for a presentation, good grooming of the eyebrows can make you feel more confident.

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Hair Removal Methods for Eyebrows

Tweezing or Plucking

This tried and true method has long lasting results and offers excellent accuracy. The entire root is yanked out which means it takes longer for it to grow & emerge from the follicle. And since each strand is plucked individually, you can achieve whatever shape you want - thin or tapered. The only drawback to this method is that it is extremely time-consuming and requires patience - lots and lots of patience.

Hair Removal Creams

Even though most manufacturers say that their products should not be used on your face, people still do it and like the results. Putting these chemical concoctions, even the sensitive formulations, near the eye can lead to irritation and even a chemical burn. The skin is very thin & sensitive and the can melt & run with steam & perspiration. However, the low cost & easy convenience make this method attractive to some. Be careful.



Hair removal has to be done very carefully around the sensitive eyes.


Okay, tweezing is bad enough but pulling out lots of eyebrow hairs all at once, now that's just torture. Dry and wet epilators are meant for the large body parts, like the legs, and , not the delicate skin around the eyes. The accuracy an epilator isn't great and if a hair breaks under the skin, & blemishes can result. Also, epilators need the unwanted hairs to be at least 1/4" long... many people aren't willing to wait that long.

Laser Hair Removal

Most clinics and dermatologists will not do laser treatments around the sensitive eye tissue. The laser for hair removal uses light energy to send heat into the hair follicle where the cells are burned & zapped. The accuracy isn't great and the risk of eye damage is high too.


This is another tried & true method and is the only one that results in permanent . A thin probe is inserted into each hair follicle. An electric current is used to kill the hair-producing cells. Electro electrolysis attacks individual hair strands and is therefore time-consuming, but it is permanent too. If you're willing to make the investment in time and money, this may be the best method for hair removal for the eyebrows.





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