Electro Electrolysis - Permanent Hair Removal for You

is a well-used and proven method to permanently remove unwanted hair from all parts of the body. A trained technician slides a thin metal probe into each hair follicle without puncturing the skin and zaps the hair producing cell with a jolt of electricity.

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Methods Used in Electrolysis

Here's a little bit of technical background. Knowing the basics of electro electrolysis will help you prepare for the procedure. Unlike laser treatments, this method is more time-consuming as each hair follicle is treated individually.

Galvanic Method

Galvanic electrolysis uses a power supply that delivers a small current through the body. The follicular probe is inserted into the skin where the electrical current forms sodium hydroxide which in turn kills the hair producing cells.

Themolysis Method

This method for is easier to understand. An electrical probe is inserted into the hair follicle and an RF wave at 13.56 MHz is released at variable power (0-8 Watts). The hair producing cells are heated to about +50 C which permanently kills them.

Blended Method

Some machines use both RF & electrical current to make the procedure more effective.

How It's Done

  • A metal probe is select that easily slides into the patient's hair follicle.

  • The patient is asked to warm the skin by taking a shower or sitting in a warm room. The best results are when the pores are open and relaxed.

  • The technician makes sure that the probe is inserted at the same angle as the hair is growing out of the skin so that it easily follows the hair shaft.

  • The probe is inserted into the hair follicle, about 1-2 mm and then the power & duration of the electrical jolt is scaled up slowly until the hair comes out easily.

  • If there's any discomfort, make sure to let the technician know so the power can be reduced.



Things To Consider

  • This can be done on men for but because of the thickness of the strands and the density of the hair follicles, it can take years to get rid of it all.

  • Electrolysis for women is done mainly on the hair above the upper lips and around the eyebrows.

  • Electrolysis for hair removal is a very labor intensive procedure and is more expensive than other hair removal methods. The cost for doing large body parts like the legs, chest or back is prohibitive for most men & women. , , or may be a better method for these larger areas, even though some may not be a permanent solution. Each of these methods can be done from home if you want - for many people it's more convenient and private to do so (laser hair removal devices, epilators, and hair removal creams are all readily available).

  • Some of the side effects of electrolysis include swelling, redness & bumps as the skin heals. Make sure to give yourself enough time to recuperate from the procedure.

  • Technicians need to be trained & licensed first in most jurisdictions. Check the credentials of the salon first.

Electro electrolysis is a proven method with almost a century's worth of trial & history. It has fallen in popularity compared to modern methods due to the cost, time inconvenience and pain that is involved but is still the only method that can guarantee a permanent hair removal solution.





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