Hair Removal for Facial Hair - How to Get the Clean Look

Men are used to shaving facial hair, but having a bushy uni-brow isn't particularly attractive unless you're going for the neanderthal look. For women it's not customary to sport a hairy upper lip or thick eyebrows. Societal norms make hair removal for facial hair common for both men and women and there's a number of ways to go about doing it.

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For the Men - Taming those Unruly Eyebrows

Okay, some facial hair is considered 'socially' acceptable, such as beards or goatees. But today, muttonchops and handlebar moustaches aren't in style, and even moustaches aren't all that common (sorry, Burt Reynolds). The clean-shaven look is more popular and nothing gives a closer shave than a good razor.

Eyebrows, on the other hand, can become furry beasts that take over your forehead. Left unchecked, eyebrows could grow to be as shaggy as large caterpillars and will eventually merge into one. Weekly grooming with a razor will help to tame this hedge.

Accuracy isn't great with a razor and lathering them with shaving cream makes defining them even harder. Instead, after a shower, when the hair is warm and soft, take a razor to each wet eyebrow and very carefully contour with the edge of the razor to make them symmetrical.

To thin out the thicket or to get rid of the errant strands (we all get those), use tweezers to prune, if you can stand the pain.


For the Ladies - Removing Facial Hair

The problem with using a razor is that the returning stubble is and sharp, which isn't particularly appealing to most women. Instead of shaving, here are some alternative hair removal methods.

Laser Hair Removal for Women

The zaps the hair follicle and deadens the hair-producing cells. This treatment works well for women with dark hair but doesn't work on , or .

Smooth skin can last for a few months and may even be permanent for some people. Multiple treatments may be necessary. When the hair does start to regrow, it's usually thinner and less dense.

This is a very effective method for the but many hair removal clinics will not use the powerful laser on the eyebrows, since eyes are susceptible to damage from the laser light.

Waxing Facial Hair

Facial waxing is fairly easy and quick and can last for weeks at a time. It can even remove the fine hairs on the cheeks and forehead. Since the facial skin is more sensitive, look for a wax specifically formulated for the face.

Facial kits typically include the wax itself, an applicator and cloth strips. The only problem is that the facial hair needs to be at least a 1/4" long for best results, since the wax needs to be able to adhere to the strands. Many women prefer not to have to sport long eyebrows or a fuzzy moustache while waiting for the hair to get long enough for waxing.

Facial Electrolysis

involves inserting a needle-like probe into each hair follicle and then zapping it with electrical current. It may be uncomfortable but the is very effective.

Hairless lips and thinned eyebrows may last for months at a time. This has been a popular method for facial hair removal for decades.

Grooming Tips for Facial Hair Removal

  • Do not remove shave or pluck any facial hair after sun tanning, otherwise the lighter untanned patch of skin will look odd. should be done before getting tanned.

  • may be pain-free but could cause rashes and burns to sensitive facial skin. And the fumes from the remover may be quite strong when applied to the upper lip!

  • Epilators are not completely effective for facial hair removal because they lack accuracy for shaping eyebrows. And the hair follicles become red and inflamed for up to a day later.

The best solution for hair removal for facial hair depends on your skin type, hair type and the duration between treatments. Select one that's convenient for your lifestyle and budget.





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