Hair Removal for Upper Lip - How To Do It Correctly

Most people have hair on their upper lip. For men, it can be removed by frequent shaving, a daily ritual which can't be rushed. For women, shaving is not a popular option for since the re-growth tends to be bristly and more noticeable. The alternate hair removal methods take longer, are more painful but on the upside are also more effective.

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For the Men - Moustache or No Moustache

A simple razor will do the trick. Here are some basic shaving tips.

  • Avoid applying too much pressure on the razor or the blade may injure the skin. Pressing too hard usually results in dry, flaking skin.

  • Shaving against the direction of growth leaves a much closer shave but can result in the rare ingrown hair and resulting sores.

  • Dry shaving (not using any shaving cream or gel) is not only painful but pulls the skin and makes the chances of nicks and cuts more likely. If shaving cream isn't handy, then try soap or lotion to reduce the friction between the metal blade and the soft skin.

  • Shave after showering so the warm water can relax the bristles.

  • Multi-blade razors lift and cut the hair, leaving the pores open and raw. Instead of using after-shave, rinse with cold water to close the pores and reduce the burning sensation. And it's cheaper too.

For the Women - How to Get Rid of the Moustache

Women have fine upper lip hair and even though it's usually not as obvious as a man moustache, some women may still want it gone.

Women have many options to get rid of unwanted hair on the upper lip. Because this skin can be as tender as the bikini area, the main concerns of hair removal are:

  • The cost.
  • The frequency of repeat treatments.
  • The amount of pain to endure.


Shaving the upper lip area isn't recommended for women. Shaving cuts the hair at the base, leaving thick bristles at skin level. As the hair grows, the thick shaft emerges leaving a scruffy 5 o'clock shadow.


Plucking is one of the most painful methods but is very effective because it removes the entire hair, including the root. This method has the longest lasting results since the entire strand is removed from the follicle. Ingrown hairs are a possibility but the chances can be reduced with regular facial exfoliating and moisturizing.


If you want to try self-induced torture, using an epilator on the upper lip will test anyone's pain threshold (popular brands include Braun, Panasonic, and Emjoi). Because the muscles under the nose are not very strong, the skin can easily be yanked and pulled into the blades leading to painful nicks & cuts. That said, there are epilators specifically made for facial areas like the upper lip.


are the least painful method of hair removal except on the olfactory senses! These strong chemicals dissolve the proteins in the hair and must be applied for at least 15 minutes. Some hair removal creams are infused with perfumes but applying these strong scents directly under your nose can be hard to tolerate.


Facial wax strips are an easy at-home hair removal method for the upper lip, but it can be painful as the root hair is ripped out of the follicle. It takes practice to apply an even layer of and then tear the cloth away.


The upper lip is a popular area for . This method is slow and costly, but the effects can last up to 4 months, depending on the rate of hair re-growth - and for some people, the results are permanent. This method does involve some pain and discomfort but an experienced clinician will numb the area with a topical ointment before inserting the probe into the hair follicles.

Laser Hair Removal

This is one of the longest lasting hair removal methods for the upper lip. It requires a number of treatments to zap all of the hairs in the 'active' growth stage. However, it doesn't work on people with fair hair or skin with darker complexions.

The can be adjusted to the fine hair on the upper lip. Since this is a small area, very little time is needed and the price of the treatment should be cheaper than for the larger body areas like the , legs or . You can also get hair removal lasers for home-use.

Take note that effective treatment should be done on hair that is at least 1/8" long, well past the point when a moustache would be noticeable.

For men, the above the upper lip is easy - shave. For women, it's more complicated and painful. Select the best method for you that fits your pain threshold and budget.





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