Hair Removal for Home

Doing your own is a great way to save money. Before starting out, learn the basics of home hair removal kits and avoid unnecessary time-wasted, pain and expense. With so many different hair removal products available, it can get confusing to find an effective and affordable hair removal method that works for your hair & skin type.

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Finding a involves striking a balance between three requirements - the frequency that you have to repeat the treatment, the amount of pain involved, and the cost.

Generally, the more often you have to repeat the process (i.e. shaving), the cheaper it is. The longer you have to wait between treatments, the more pain you'll have to endure (i.e. waxing).

For most people, the best way to find an appropriate hair removal method is by trial & error. Depending on which part of the body you'll be treating, select an appropriate hair removal kit that fits your budget. Try it out in an inconspicuous area to see how your skin reacts. If after a day, there is minimal swelling and redness, continue on to the larger area.



Basics of Home Hair Removal Kits

Hair removal kits work by either removing hair at the surface of the skin or below, directly in hair follicle. Obviously, pulling the entire root bulb out is more painful but the results last longer than other topical methods.

Shaving - Shaving is the cheapest, fastest and least painful method for the . Since the hair grows back as coarse bristles, shaving is not recommended for women's faces.

- Depilatory hair removal creams like Nair are effective at removing unwanted hair but the chemicals have a strong odor and may cause an allergic reaction on . Look for different creams with special formulations for the different body parts like the bikini area.

Epilation - An epilator yanks out multiple hairs at once (think: plucking on steroids). It's a painful process, especially when first starting out, but it's also fairly popular since the results are longer-lasting. These electric devices from Braun and Panasonic are particularly popular. Wet epilators can be used in the shower with less pain on warm, moist skin. Epilators can be used on , legs and even the . Allow for a few days for the skin to heal.

Waxing - Home waxing kits are inexpensive and very effective but painful. Self application can be done on the legs and arms and with assistance, can be done on the face. Make sure to follow the directions closely to avoid burning sensitive skin with the hot or look for a product that doesn't require heat.

- This was the first laser hair removal system for use at home and comes with a skin-tone sensor that validates its use with the user. If your skin tone is within its working range, a painless laser will zap the hair follicles, leaving the skin smooth for months. Multiple treatments are necessary so the Tria laser is very convenient & private for home use.

There's plenty of hair removal for home methods for men and women. Since most are relatively inexpensive, try different kits to find one that fits within your pain threshold and budget.





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