Hair Removal for Head - Taking It All Off

Some guys enjoy showing off every curve of their cranium. For those brave souls who choose to go bald, here are some tips for hair removal for head:

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  • Shaving the head is time consuming. Do not rush or you may get nicks and cuts that bleed profusely.

  • The first step is to use a hair clipper or trimmer to get rid of the mop-top. A good set of clippers comes with a strong motor and multiple attachments for trimming the hair to different lengths.

  • Use the shortest hair attachment (1/4") to shear off as much hair as possible. Do not use clippers without an attachment, no matter how temping it may be to speed up the process. The moving blade is prone to pinching and cutting the skin, especially on the back of the scalp.

  • Prior to shaving the remaining hair, take a warm shower to soften the stubble or apply a generous layer of shaving cream and allow it to sit for a few minutes.

  • Disposal razors are not durable enough to shave an entire head. They clog easily and dull quickly. Use them for maintaining the clean look but use a classic razor, such as the Wilkinson Sword, with a single, replaceable blade that stays sharp for longer.

  • Use shaving cream or hair conditioner to reduce friction and to prevent razor burn.

  • Make sure to lean your head forward to smooth the skin folds on the back of head. Avoid retracing the razor over the same spot more than once since this skin is so sensitive.

  • Head shaving is convenient in the shower but purchase a shower mirror to help you see what you're doing. Eventually, you'll graduate to the point where you can shave by feel alone.

  • When done shaving your head, run your hand over your scalp to find any spots you may have missed.

  • After , the skin pores on the scalp need to be closed afterwards. Cold water works well as does any aloe vera lotion or alcohol-based aftershave.

  • Don't forget that the skin on the scalp may not have been exposed to direct sunlight in a while. Use skin lotions and sunscreen to protect this sensitive skin.



Maintaining a Shaved Head

  • To maintain the bald look, you'll need to shave every 3 or 4 days.

  • An electric razor works well on very short stubble (a few days growth). Use a device with a pivoting head to get into the deep clefts on the back of the head.

The Hazards of Shaving Your Head

  • Don't use on the sensitive scalp as they can cause chemical burns and rashes.

  • Don't shave your head when suffering from dandruff. A flaking scalp can be easily injured by a razor.

  • Forget about waxing or . The skin on the scalp is too sensitive.

  • Remember to shave the hair on your neck and well past the collar line or you'll look like you're sporting a furry collar. may also be necessary.

For those people who choose the bald look, following these tips will get that clean, shiny look.





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