Hair Removal for the Ears

As we get older, it's normal for the hair follicles around the ears to become more active. Thankfully, is quick and convenient, and some treatments can even be done in the privacy of our own home.

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Methods to Remove Hair from the Ears

No matter the method, you have to be careful not to hurt around the ears. Not far inside the ear canal, the ear drum is a delicate membrane that can easily be ruptured by a simple touch. The skin within the auditory canal is also very soft and can easily be scratched, torn and burned. Beware, an ear infection is very painful!

Most hair removal methods that work on other parts of the body will also work on the ears. However, extreme caution should be used for this type of .

  • Ear and Nose Hair Trimmers - This is the easiest and pain-free method for removing ear hair. They work well on the outer ear (along the cartilage) as well as the opening of the ear canal where it the trimmer can be rotated around to get hairs growing in all direction.

    These units trim the hairs at the surface of the skin and have a dull blade that moves back & forth. Because the opening is so small, there is a very small chance of injury to the skin. These units cost are typically inexpensive and last a long time.

    Depending on how fast the hair grows, you'll have to repeat the trimming every few days.


  • Turkish Barber Shop - Well this is pretty cool. This ancient method uses alcohol fire on a blunt stick to singe the hair away and leave the skin warm & soft. Look for an experienced barber (obviously). This is definitely not a do-it-yourself technique!

  • Shaving - Even though men are used to shaving their face, don't even think about trying it on the ears! The skin is too delicate and the surface too irregular to wield a sharp blade without nicking or cutting something.

  • - This method needs to be done by someone else. can be applied to the outer ear as well as the opening of the ear canal and then ripped off. Smooth, clean ears will last for a couple weeks.

  • - Ignore all reviews for epilators. The pain of using them is too great, especially around the ears. Instead, try an electric razor on the outer cartilage.

  • Depilatory Creams - Use only on the outside and not near the inner ear. If the harsh chemicals get rinsed into the ear drum, a painful infection may result.

  • Laser Hair Removal - The uses pulses of light to treat the hair follicles so hair growth is impaired. People of all skin tones may use the procedure but make sure to book a consultation first to find a reputable clinician or doctor who knows how to perfect the settings and procedure. Results may last for up to 6-8 months.

  • - This age-old method is still the best method that gives permanent results but is labor intensive and expensive. Just like laser hair removal, it takes a number of sessions in a salon to zap every hair follicle. The pain from the probe that's inserted into each hair follicle is minimal.

Hair removal for the ears should be done carefully and safely to prevent any damage to these sensitive organs.





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