Hair Removal for Underarms can be the Pits!

Summer clothes are getting more revealing and many people want to have smooth underarms. There are lots of different methods for hair removal for the underarms. Using a combination of them may make this chore a bit more bearable and the results longer-lasting.

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Problems With Underarm Hair

The from the underarms is a custom for women in many societies. The purpose of armpit hair is to reduce friction and chafing between the tricep and the side of the torso. It is also speculated that it collects perspiration & odors to attract the opposite sex, prior to the use of deodorants and perfumes.

It wasn't until the 20th century that it became the custom for women (in some cultures) to get rid of this hair.

For athletes, getting rid of this hair is important to help get remove excess moisture that can lead to fungal infections & strong body odor.

Methods to Remove Underarm Hair

People need to be very careful when removing underarm hair since the skin can be easily damaged, especially when shaving. Extra care is needed due to the fact that very little air flow under there can cause moisture to build up and infection to erupt within the exposed hair follicles.

It's also common for men to trim the armpits to avoid having messy bushes under there.

All hair removal methods will work on this part of the body but because this hair tends to be coarse and the skin tender, some people with very sensitive skin will experience more pain than others.

Hair Removal Laser Treatment

This method zaps the hair follicles with laser energy to halt further growth, if you have the right hair & skin type. Results can last for 2-4 months. Using laser, this treatment can be done in the privacy of your own home. For best results, follow the instructions from the manufacturer. Even though the Tria hair removal laser is readily available, these units aren't inexpensive and have a finite lifespan (250 charging cycles). Overusing may result in skin damage.

Hair Removal Creams

These are inexpensive, effective but extremely smelly. Before using any chemical treatments on the pits, talk to a dermatologist first to see if you may have an adverse reaction. Only try a new brand on a small portion of your body before doing the entire underarm, just in case there are allergies. And don't leave the cream on longer than recommended as some people are prone to chemical burns. Results generally last for 1-2 weeks. You might also consider using hair removal creams for sensitive areas.


This is the cheapest and fastest method but only removes the hair at skin level. Frequent touch-ups have to be done every few days which can leave the skin scraped, red & sensitive. It's important to keep the epidermis in good condition (using moisturizers) to prevent razor-rash and .


is likely to be painful since the underarm skin is very sensitive. It may help to first trim the hairs to the same length so that they get evenly pulled out. However, there's no way to lessen the pain. The good news is that the results can last for up to a month. Waxing can done professionally or if you're brave, you can try a home waxing kit.

Hair Epilation

Don't do it! You've been warned. The underarm skin is too soft & sensitive to have multiple hairs yanked out at the same time by an epilator. And since there are skin folds, it would be excruciating if the skin gets nipped.

Hair removal for the underarms needs to be done carefully to avoid any injury to the sensitive armpit area. Choose a method for which you have the budget and pain-tolerance for.





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