Hair Removal for Stomach - Getting Rid of a Fuzzy Belly

When the weather gets hot and it's time to put on summer-wear, a furry belly can make some people feel a bit self-conscious. Luckily, for both men and women, there are lots of methods to help with .

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Choosing the right hair removal method for your stomach depends on a number of factors:

  • How long you want to be hair-free.
  • How much pain you're willing to endure.
  • If you have someone to assist you with the removal of hair.
  • How much you're willing to spend to get smooth, hair-free skin.

Shaving Your Stomach

Shaving is the easiest and lowest cost method but will lead to a stubbly appearance in a couple days as the body hair re-grows. A warm shower before shaving will help relax and soften the stomach hair. It's best to shave in the shower as the razor will require frequent cleaning. Be warned that since the blade shears off the hair at the surface of the skin, the emerging strands will be sharp and prickly leading to constant itching.

Plucking Stomach Hair

Not only is this painful but with so much skin to clear, it will take hours to pull every hair. Consider using an epilator, a device that pulls out multiple hairs at once. But since most people have loose skin on their stomach, nicks and cuts are common as the folds get yanked into the blades. A is an improvement, but it's still painful!

Depilatory (Hair Removal) Creams

are simple to use and are a great alternative to shaving. Even though the smell is strong, the process is simple. Smear on the cream, wait 15 minutes or so, and then wipe it off along with the hair. The hair root is left untouched so you'll have to repeat the process regularly. Between treatments, exfoliate & moisturize the skin frequently to counteract the chemicals that dissolve the hair and dries the skin.



Waxing Stomach Hair

is a more expensive hair removal method since a technician is necessary. The warm wax is applied in small sections to the skin to lessen the pain. Some home waxing kits are available but doing it by yourself can be awkward and messy.


For longer lasting results, may work well for some people. Since the stomach area has so much surface area, the cost will be quite high. Also, the stomach skin is more than on other body parts so you need a high pain threshold as the probe is inserted into each and every hair follicle. And don't forget, the technician will probably be working close to your lower abdomen and crotch so don't be shy.

Laser Hair Removal

For long lasting, if not permanent, results will rid the stomach of unwanted hair. The cost is expensive when done professionally, but the lasting benefits may be worth it for some people. There are also laser hair removal devices that can be used at home.

According to some people, the amount of pain is about the same as being 'snapped by a rubber band'. Multiple treatments are necessary to zap all of the hairs and it's best to start the treatment well in advance of summer since the can take 4-8 weeks.

Hair removal for the stomach can be can be done in many different ways. Plan ahead, so that you have enough time to achieve the hair removal results you want in the time frame that you need.





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