Hair removal for Cyclists

Serious cyclists will take any advantage, no matter how small, to increase their chances of going faster. High performance athletes will even shave body hair to reduce drag and increase their chances of placing higher. that will also make cycling more comfortable.

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Benefits for Hairless Cyclists

Don't Be A Drag

The main obstacle for cycles is air resistance. We all know from childhood that drag will slow us down. By removing the hair on the and legs, cyclists become more aerodynamic and streamline, like a shark zipping through water.


Cycling is all about using the leg muscles to propel one forward. That means plenty of rubbing of the legs on the bike seat. Removing body hair from the & means less chafing, less moisture-collection and less discomfort from hairs being pulled.

Fitting In With The Crowd

Okay, sometimes it's easier to give into peer pressure and follow the crowd. Cyclists usually gather in a tight group, on the road and in friendship. If everyone is going for the smooth, silky look under the guise of 'aerodynamics', then fitting in with the crowd may also be for you.

Hair Removal Methods for Cyclists

You can spend a little or a lot of money on the and it all comes down to:

  • How often do you want to repeat the process;
  • How much is it going to cost;
  • How high (or low) your pain tolerance is.

For some people, one method may satisfy all three but for others, a combination of methods may be better.

Hair Removal Options

Laser Hair Removal

This is a very effective method but with a very expensive initial cost. Treatments will need to be repeated every few months and in the long run, it may be cheaper and more convenient in the long run.

This method zaps the hair follicles with laser light and burns the hair-producing cells. After a few sessions, the hairs fall out and take a few months to grow back. For some lucky people with the xact skin & hair type (light tone, dark hair), the effects can be permanent.

The Tria laser is an at-home unit you can use. While not inexpensive, reviews have been positive.


So you think you're tough because you can cycle 150 kilometers in less than 2 hours? Well, are you tough enough to yank out multiple hairs at a time? An epilator is a device that 'plucks' the entire strand of hair including the root and even the toughest of men often can't endure this torture.

These devices are relatively inexpensive. Smooth skin lasts for up to 6-8 weeks but the the process can be painful. A can be used in the tub or shower may help reduce pain but it's still going to hurt. Check out some to make the process a tiny bit less painful.

The most popular epilator brand is the from Braun that has some additional features such as a vibrating massage bar, attachment caps & even an additional razor. The reviews are positive for this brand but still, this method is too painful for most people.


Are you tough enough to get a between the legs? Removing hair from the genital area needs to be done by a skilled technician (don't be shy) but for other body parts, you can do it at home with a do-it-yourself kit.

Just like the previous methods, & root and leaves skin smooth for longer. This is perhaps the most painful hair removal method.


Men and women have been using electrolysis for decades. A skilled technician inserts a tiny electric probe into individual hair follicle and zaps the cells with an electric current.

The pain is tolerable but since this is very labor and time-intensive, the price can be quite high. The cost of doing the face & armpits is more affordable, but larger areas like the legs, and can be excessive.

Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams are fast, simple, cheap, but also extremely smelly. Just smear it on, wait 15 minutes and then wipe it off. It isn't for people who may be allergic to the harsh chemical or for people with .

The hairs are only removed at the surface of the skin and stubble will grow back within a few days. Do not use hair removal creams after a long ride, since chafed or sore skin may get irritated by the chemicals.

Between the legs, look for a dedicated specifically for that area.


This is the least-expensive hair removal method but needs to be repeated often, sometimes every day. As the hairs grow out, the stubble will be sharp & bristly. When wearing tight cycling clothing, it may be prickly & uncomfortable, especially during a long distance ride.

Cycling is a very competitive sport and gaining any advantage will only improve aerodynamics and speed. Hair removal for cyclists may be one of those small advantages that can improve your overall standing.





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