What Is Hair Removal Threading?

may be new to North America, but it's an old-world hair removal technique that's quick, easy and inexpensive. Used in the Eastern countries for centuries, threading removes the entire hair strand including the root. Results last for up to 4-6 weeks and because it is very accurate, can be used to sculpt eyebrows to perfection.

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How Does It Work?

Threading uses a simple piece of cotton string that removes unwanted hair by lassoing the hair and ripping it out as the string twists. The technique is sanitary as fresh string is always used. No hair removal chemicals or touch the skin.

Similar to , some people may experience a permanent reduction in unwanted hair growth as hair follicles become damaged and desensitized over time.

Threading is a good option for people with who are susceptible to inflammation, blotching & redness.

The is done by a technician who can trim both eyebrows in a few minutes. The pain is minimal and since the entire root is removed, treatments don't have to be repeated as often as shaving. For those who are inclined to acquiring a new skill, threading can be done at home by yourself to save cost.

One benefit of hair threading is that unwanted hair only needs to be about 1/16 inch long before the string can work its magic, unlike waxing & laser hair treatments in which the hairs must first be a noticeably longer.



Disadvantages of Threading

  • Look for someone who is experienced and who knows how to prevent the hairs from breaking. If breakage occurs under the skin, the hair follicle may form a pustule. Like other skills, hair removal threading is an acquired ability and finding a professional in a hair salon may be a bit difficult.

  • The amount of pain is minimal and can be compared to tweezing, but only much faster. Because an entire line of hair can be removed at once, accurate eyebrow shape can be easily & quickly achieved with only a bit of pain. To reduce any discomfort, try using a warm facecloth to relax and open the hair follicles.

  • This method only works on flat surface areas so it can't be done on any body part with skin folds, like the bikini area. Similar to epilators, multiple hairs can be removed at once which can be a bit painful on the legs and .

Hair removal threading is usually done on the face but can be done on other body parts, albeit with a bit more discomfort.





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