What is Laser Hair Removal - Is It Right For You?

Laser hair removal treatment can be done for both men and women. Unwanted hair can be removed with less pain and with longer-lasting results than other many other hair removal methods. Before 'going under the light', learn what's involved with laser hair removal treatment.

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Will It Hurt?

For most people, the pain is minimal (although people with may find the procedure more than a little uncomfortable). The uses a specific wavelength of light that heats and deadens the hair producing cells. Only a small portion of the skin is treated at any one time and is only exposed to the high intensity light for a few seconds at most.

Most patients describe the sensation as a 'snapping of a rubber band'. If people have sensitive skin, a topical ointment will be applied to numb the pain receptors in the skin.


What's The Procedure Like?

The procedure is very clean and the atmosphere very comfortable. The clinician or doctor will have the patient lie on a table, under a towel while only exposing the part of the body to be treated.

The procedure starts by having the hair trimmed with clippers (not an ) to about 1/4 inch. Hair any longer than this will misdirect the energy away from the hair follicle. A cooling gel is applied ot the skin and then a handheld probe containing the laser diode to be pressed gently on the skin. After a few seconds, it is then moved to the next section.

For large areas, like the , legs and , it may take longer than an hour to cover the entire surface. For smaller areas, like the bikini region, it will take just a few minutes. Prices will reflect the amount of time spent with the clinician.

How Many Treatments Will It Take?

The laser only 'zaps' the hair follicles that contain active hair strands. Since individual strands are in different stages of growth, multiple treatments will be necessary to catch every one in their active stage. It can take a few weeks to completely rid of unwanted body and facial hair so plan early to get the results in time with your schedule.

Who Can Use Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal treatments work best for people who have fair skin and dark hair. But with the advancement of technology, this has improved. Ask the clinician or doctor if they have a laser that is right for your skin type and hair color.

laser is a handheld device you can use in your own home. It has a built in test mode which determines if the laser will be effective on the color of your skin. This may be the right option for some people who want more privacy.

Tips before you get Laser Hair Treatment

  • It's best to first see a dermatologist to ensure that your skin type will make you a good candidate for the procedure. The doctor can verify and comment on any moles which should or should not be subjected to the laser.

  • A reputable clinic will be staffed by a doctor or at the very least, have a medical specialist on call. Since everyone has a different skin type, the affects from the laser will be different for everyone.

  • The most common parts of the body to be treated include the , legs, bikini, , neck and . Ask your doctor about reducing the risk of eye damage when getting treated.

  • Learn how to prepare for laser hair removal since you are responsible for your own health.

Learning is the first step to educating yourself about the how to get rid of unwanted hair.





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