Not Just for Women Anymore - the Tria Laser for Men

Men are hairy. When it comes time to get rid of unwanted body hair, some guys may consider laser hair treatment at home. The may make a lot of sense if you have the right type of skin & hair and have the budget.

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is an easy to use hair removal laser that leaves skin silky smooth for weeks or even months (depending on the person). But since men have , some guys may find this method not as effective as it is for women.

Why Doesn't The Tria Work For All Men?

Theoretically, the works by deadening the hair follicle so that hair growth is slowed and, in some cases, permanently stopped.

The light energy is absorbed by the dark hair which directs the heat down towards the root. In effect, it burns the hair producing cells and the existing strands falls out a few days later. Well, that's the way it supposed to work. But can be different for men because:

  • The body hair on men is thicker so it requires more energy to heat the strand and zap the follicle.

  • Male body hair is denser than women's body hair so the laser light needs to be held in place longer. It's going to hurt more on body parts with thick patches (i.e. legs versus ).

  • Doing a large area, like the , is going to take a LONG time. More treatments will be required to get good results.

  • The hair follicles may become inflamed since more energy is being delivered.

  • The good news is that this procedure isn't as painful as some, such as .

  • Don't even think about using the Tria laser on the coarse facial hair. The stubble on the face grows thick and can transmit so much energy to the follicle that the skin will become red & swollen for days.

Judging from the color choices available, the Tria hair removal laser was mainly designed with women in mind, but some men will also find it works for them.

It's Not for Everyone

The laser for hair removal only works on people with dark hair and light skin (anyone who is capable of tanning). It will NOT work for people with , or , as those colors reflect the energy instead of absorbing it.

Is The Tria Laser Worth the Price?

The cost of the Tria is generally several hundreds of dollars, compared to the couple dozens of dollars that many men typically spend on hair removal products. Of course, this product has the potential of long-lasting results - in some cases, even permanent hair removal. Factor in the convenience of an at-home treatment, the privacy of treating yourself at home, and the reduced cost of having to do follow-up treatments in a clinic ... and it may be well worth it in the long run.

Note that the Tria has a finite life-span of about 250 charging cycles. For really hairy men, they may not be complete their full treatment.

As an alternative to expensive, professional laser hair removal, the Tria laser may work for men and could be less costly. However, really hairy dudes may find it disappointing if it doesn't work as well as hoped, or if they need to re-purchase the laser in order to have enough cycles to finish their treatment.





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