How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal - Getting Started

Now that you've worked up the nerve to try laser treatment, it's time to learn . Being better prepared will make you more informed and the treatment more effective.

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Before going 'under the laser', it's important to schedule a consultation with a clinic or salon to get a skin and hair assessment done. This will let them determine if you're a valid candidate for the type of laser they have in use.

Look for a medical doctor who is specialized in laser hair removal and who is well experienced in the procedure. Even though spas and salons offer the treatment, be careful of non-medically trained technicians who may not be knowledgeable with potential complications. This is an especially important consideration if you have skin conditions or other health conditions.

Preparing for the Consultation

  • Put together a list of questions, such as, "". No question is too basic and it's the job of the clinician to clearly and patiently answer all of your concerns.

  • Complete the questionnaire and review your medical history, prescription use and other methods you've attempted in the past. The more you explain your condition and experience, the more the procedure can be tailored to your specific hair and skin type.

  • Avoid tanning your skin (real or artificial) and dying, coloring or sun-bleaching your hair. Accurate assessments are best done when skin and hair are their natural colors. Laser hair removal treatments work best with patients who have fair skin and dark hair.

  • Discuss with the clinician your expectations and in return, get a realistic evaluation and an accurate cost estimate for the procedure. The cost of subsequent follow-up treatments should be included as well.

  • Take photos before treatment to record your progression.


Preparing for the Laser Hair Removal Treatment

If you're deemed a valid candidate for laser treatment, follow the specific directions given to you from the treatment center. Not all clinics use the same . Following their directions will make the procedure as successful as possible. Here's a list of general tips to follow before each hair removal appointment:

  • Patients should stop , plucking or undergoing at least 2-4 weeks before each session. The hair root should be deep within the follicle with a portion of the shaft still visible.

  • Only shave an area if asked to do so. Most clinics will trim the hair to the desired length before the start of each laser treatment.

  • Clean the bikini area but do not shave unless asked to do so. , leg hair and should be left as long as possible.

  • Avoid sun exposure 1-2 months before so your skin is as naturally light as possible.

  • Avoid any light-sensitive medication. Talk to your doctor about any prescribed medication that may react with laser light.

  • Follow the preparation given by your clinic regarding painkillers, numbing creams and tranquilizers. Do not self-medicate.

If you learn how to prepare for laser hair removal, the procedure will be more straight forward, less painful and the results more in line with your expectations.





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