Can I Shower After Laser Hair Removal? - What to Consider

If you're wondering, "" - the short answer is yes, but with some precautions.

Taking care of your skin after laser treatment is just as important as before the procedure. And showering is an important step in helping the skin stay healthy as the unwanted hair is shed from its follicle.

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Immediately After Treatment

It's best to wait a short period of time after treatment rather than showering immediately. In the rare occurrence that the causes swelling or skin irritation, a hot shower will only draw more blood to the surface of the skin, adding to the discomfort.

A couple hours later, it's usually fine to shower with soap and other skin and hair products. Avoid rubbing or abrading the area to prevent chafing the skin which will only slow the hair-shedding process. Even though you may be anxious to see results, it typically takes a few days for the hair follicle to release the root.

In the mean time, use a good moisturizer to help keep the skin healthy and breathing properly during the recovery.

Don't use harsh soaps that may irritate skin pores and hair follicles. In addition, some people who have very active sweat glands may need to swab the underarm area with rubbing alcohol to avoid infection.

Weeks Later

Not all hair follicles will be 'zapped' after each laser treatment. But for the ones that are dead, the hair growth will stop and the shaft will be shed without pain over the next few weeks.

You can help the shedding process by gently scrubbing with a wash cloth, or a loofah or bath sponge to help loosen the shaft and root from the pore. Strands that have some resistance still have a living root and will be deadened on the next round of treatment.

It may take two or three weeks after laser hair removal for the dead hair to drop from the skin. After the hair has been expelled, the follicle may continue to exfoliate the deadened cells. You may notice darkened pores on your skin but these will disappear with time.

It should be noted that hair removal creams such as Nair, should not be used between laser treatments as the skin may be irritated from the chemicals.

If you notice that you are not shedding hairs in the shower, this may indicate that the laser settings were too low and the hair follicle wasn't destroyed. Talk to your clinician about modifying the laser settings for subsequent treatments.

Showering & Bathing Tips After Laser Treatment

  • Wait a couple of hours after treatment to take a shower. This will allow the blood to return naturally to the treated area. If there is swelling or discomfort, consider using cool water.

  • Avoid drying out the skin by limiting the amount of time soaking in the bath or by lowering the temperature of the hot water. Dry, cracked skin may delay the shedding process.

  • Instead of rubbing a towel on your skin, pat it dry to avoid abrasions.

During the initial consultation, ask the clinician how soon ? Getting a clear understanding of the best grooming practices will help achieve the best results from the treatment.





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