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Chances are that you've tried different products and methods but the results weren't as expected. Creams are messy and Brazilian waxing and electrolysis painful. With so many choices, finding a hair removal solution can be disappointing and expensive.

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Body image has change from generation to generation. For men, being excessively hairy isn't considered as masculine as it once was. Smooth skin can breathe easier and reduces the changes of overheating and excessive sweating. For women, revealing fashions means that unwanted hair can be more easily noticed.

Today, hair removal is done by men and women for aesthetic, hygiene and self-esteem purposes. Various methods can be used to get rid of unwanted hair on the face, chest, underarms, back and bikini areas. Some procedures can be done at home while others use specialized equipment in clinics, salons and medical offices. Prices for professional service vary dramatically.

Hair Removal Methods

Human hair is made up of keratin, the same material as finger-nails. Each strand has its own root which grows from a single hair follicle. Hair removal can either trim the hair at skin level or remove the entire root from the hair follicle.


Using a blade or electric razor cuts the hair shaft near skin level. This method is inexpensive but can lead to nicks, cuts and skin irritation such as razor burn and ingrown hairs. It usually lasts from half a day to 3 day. For best results:

  • Take a warm shower first to soften the skin & hair.
  • Use cream or soap to reduce the amount of friction against the skin and shave with the direction of growth, not against.
  • Clip longer hair first, such as underarm and bikini-area hair, to prevent the blades from getting clogged.
  • Go slowly, especially over sensitive facial and genital skin.
  • Have someone assist you when shaving hard to reach areas of the back and legs.
  • Returning hair grows thick and bristly.

Plucking and Epilating

Removing the entire hair root results in smooth skin for 2 to 8 weeks, but yanking the hair out by the root is painful. Plucking removes one hair at a time while epilators can be used to remove multiple hairs all at once - if you can endure the pain.

  • Sterilize tweezers and the epilator head with rubbing alcohol to reduce the chance of infection.
  • Grab the hair shaft as close to the skin as possible to avoid breakage.
  • Give a swift yank to extract the entire strand and root.
  • Hair follicles may be red & swollen for up to a day.



Depilatory Creams

These inexpensive chemical creams dissolve the protein in the hair so the strand can be removed at skin level. The creams do not penetrate to the root but smooth skin can last for about 2 weeks.

  • Over-the-counter products are formulated for thick leg, underarm and body hair. Special treatments are available for the face & neck.
  • This can be messy so it's best done in the shower.
  • The odor can be overpowering.
  • Some people may be allergic to the chemicals so follow the manufacturer's directions before using on larger, more visible parts of the body.


Warm or cold wax is applied to the skin and a cloth is then pressed onto the sticky wax and quickly ripped off. This method is quick but painful, especially for men with thick body hair. Since the entire hair root is removed, smooth skin can last for 3 to 6 weeks.

  • Waxing removes the entire hair and dead skin cells leaving skin as smooth as silk.
  • Hair should be at least inch so you'll have to be stubbly before treatment can be done.
  • Hair follicles may be red & sore after waxing.
  • Using a home kit can reduce the cost.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatment has been used by dermatologists for decades to remove unwanted facial and body hair. The procedure is popular with both men and women and is safe to use on all body parts including the lips, back and bikini areas. Smooth skin can be achieved for several months and may even be permanent for some people.

  • Since laser hair removal clinics are not regulated by the federal government, look for a reputable establishment.
  • Go for an initial consultation to determine if the machine and system will work for your skin and hair type.
  • Don't dye, trim or sun-bleach hair and avoid tanning.

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